The production process

1. Preliminary analysis

After receiving Your query we begin to analyse Your needs and then refer them to the Banninger Formtechnik standards. Analysis includes engineering fit, material condition along with  elaboration adjustments. Initial dimensions & materials are determined with handmade outlines.

2.  Offer presentation

Essential points of our offer are:                                                                                                                                      

I. Subject of the offer
II. Terms & conditions of the workmanship & receipt
III. Time limit of the workmanship & receipt
IV. Terms & conditions of the delivery
V. Price
VI. Payment options & conditions

3.  Ordering & Project preparation

After receiving Your order we prepare the final project. The workshop drawing will be send to You via e-mail.

4. Validation

Having received documentation & technical specification of the project, client approves it or/and propose possible alterations concerning the project.


5.  Project improvement

If occurred, proposed alterations are analysed by Production Office and included to the updated technical specifications & documentation. The extent of alterations/changes to the project may result in changing preexisting offer.


6.  Production

Created matrix is tested/measured & evaluated by our company and/or our client. Should You have any remarks, further adjustments are available. After accepting the results, the receipt protocol and purchase invoice are made.